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Money Still Matters by Bonnie Lesley

We invite you to download MONEY STILL MATTERS by Bonnie Lesley and published by the Equity Center.  Go to .  Click on the book at bottom right-hand corner of page.  This publication documents the research not only on how money does matter in quality schools, but also the five areas where money is best […]

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Money Still Matters: Investing in Texas Children and the Great State of Texas

Soon, very soon, the Equity Center will be publishing Money Still Matters:  Investing in Texas Children and the Great State of Texas, which I wrote for them.  I will post it on this website under “Research,” and the Equity Center will publish it on their site at .  I hope you will read it […]

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Public Education Spending

The following link will take you to a report from the Texas Comptroller’s office about spending in Texas for public education–something that lots of people are talking about this coming week when the court hearing begins in the case where 70% of the state’s school districts are suing the State of Texas due to inadequate […]

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