Money Still Matters: Investing in Texas Children and the Great State of Texas

Soon, very soon, the Equity Center will be publishing Money Still Matters:  Investing in Texas Children and the Great State of Texas, which I wrote for them.  I will post it on this website under “Research,” and the Equity Center will publish it on their site at .  I hope you will read it and find it helpful in understanding why and how the Texas school finance system is so badly broken; the effects of poverty on student achievement; and the five critical policy areas in which money matters the most.  Then I hope you will be furious and motivated to help us in Texas Kids Can’t Wait!  to create an environment in this state that nurtures the kinds of policies that support great schools, great teachers, and the best education possible for all of Texas’s five million school children.  There is a lot of work to do in order to un-do what has happened in recent years at both the state and federal levels!  —Bonnie Lesley

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