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The members of Texas Kids Can’t Wait include all of you who have joined our email list, plus our followers on Twitter, plus all those who have joined our Facebook page.  We endeavor to communicate with everyone in all possible ways, and we hope that you will participate in the area most productive for you.

Thanks to a very generous member who paid for us to subscribe to an email service that allows us to create a newsletter for every email and for us to email as many people as possible as often as necessary for one flat fee.  We are delighted with this service, and we are receiving lots of positive messages from you regarding the new look and the quality of the content we send you.  If you are not on the email list and would like to be, please send us a message at .  We need your name, email address, and city where you vote.

We are, of course, focusing on the legislative session just now (and since early January).  We had not anticipated how many bills we would need to track.  Sen. Dan Patrick introduced or co-sponsored just about every possible privatization bill known to exist in this country, and we have fervently followed them, provided you with information about them, suggested talking points, showed you how to find out the names and contact information for your representative and senator, and sent alerts when you need to contact them.  if you felt overwhelmed by some of the long emails, just know that we all felt that way–along with a good deal of anger that some legislators were focusing on the destruction of public education.

The need for information will not go away when the session concludes the end of the month.  We will almost immediately need to get prepared for a special session that the governor says he will call when the Texas Supreme Court makes its ruling on school funding.  More on what we know about that later.

Please give us feedback so that we can improve.

One of the things that is evident as we have fought the fight this session is that there is really not another organization like ours.  Our focus on adequate and equitable funding and on stopping the privatization schemes is unique in the pro-education groups that exist.  The struggle continues.  We hope that you will stay with us, stay involved, and stay engaged for taking action when the need arises!  Thanks to all of you for all the ways you have supported Texas kids!

We will write a report on the session once it concludes.  –Bonnie Lesley

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