Texas Kids Can't Wait

Equity, Adequacy, Excellence

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Our kids need you today.

In Texas (as well as in other states) there are those at work to destroy public education. They impose draconian accountability systems and austerity budgets to make sure that schools struggle. Then they advocate for corporate takeover of public schools through charters, vouchers, online courses, etc.. Stand with us! Our children, their future, the future of Texas, and our democracy are at stake. Kids can't wait. Their time is NOW!


One of our major strategies is to provide information so that all interested Texans can learn how the Texas school funding system works--and how it does not work for the vast majority of our kids. We will conduct public forums and communicate in as many ways as possible to spread the word. Watch the interview video below for more information:


We are convinced that nothing will substantially change without grassroots political organization and action. Another strategy, therefore, is to teach our members how to be effective advocates for an improved funding system for all Texas children and how to resist all forms of corporate takeover of our schools. Our goals include (1) equitable funding, (2) adequate funding, (3) funding to cover inflation and new students, and (4) taxpayer equity. We also oppose all efforts to destroy public schools.

Join us!

Start making a difference today by joining Texas Kids Can't Wait! Go to the "Contact" page and send us an email that includes your contact information--name, mailing address, telephone number, and email address. And/or send us an email to request information, to schedule a public forum, or to provide information. Follow us on Twitter @txkidscantwait . Also, please "LIKE" our Facebook page at http://www.Facebook.com/texaskidscantwait. You can email us directly at texaskidscantwait@gmail.com.