Parent Triggers

On this page you will find news articles, research/reports, comments, and status of pending legislation and/or regulations relating to parent triggers.

Investigative Reporter’s Findings about California Parent Trigger Scheme

Texas Has a Parent Trigger Law on the Books

Joe Smith explains.

Texas Education Code, Section 12.022

allows a “parent trigger” to occur.  Read this law and you will have a good idea of how the legislature has been moving forward in their goal to privatize our public schools:

An Interpretation of Texas’s So-Called Parent Trigger Law

Texas Parents for Choice in Education (who are in favor of parent triggers) interpret S.B. 738 passed into law as a “true” parent trigger bill.  Go to this link:

Texas Public Policy Foundation Advocates for “Parent Triggers”

See Improving Efficiency and Local Control in Texas Education:  Home-rule Districts and Campus Charters (June 2012) by James Golsan & Bill Peacock.

FAQ on the Controversial Film “Won’t Back Down”:  What Parents Need to Know by Leonie Heimson, Aug. 13, 2012

 Privatizers Write the Handbooks

The handbook at the following link was written by staff at Heartland, one of the biggest organizations pushing privatization of public schools.  Its title is “The Parent Trigger:  Justification and Design Guidelines” by Joseph Bast and Joy Pullman.

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