TEXAS KIDS CAN’T WAIT supports the following:

(1)  Adequate funding is enough funding so that every Texas school has the resources to provide every child with the instruction and support that he or she needs to achieve the state’s standards and for every school to be rated as least “Acceptable” in the Texas accreditation system.

(2)  Equitable funding is funding that is necessary to teach each child according to his or her needs, regardless of the zip code in which he or she lives.  Students who typically require more or differentiated opportunities to learn include those with learning disabilities, those with physical handicaps that impede their ability to learn, those who have not yet become proficient in English, those who live in economically disadvantaged homes and neighborhoods, teen parents, those who are enrolled in career/technical education programs, and those identified as gifted/talented.

(3)  Additional money annually appropriated that takes into account inflation and numbers of additional students.

(4)  Taxpayer equity means that, regardless of where a taxpayer lives, a penny of tax ought to yield the same amount of revenue for the schools as does a penny of tax in a wealthy district.

TEXAS KIDS CAN’T WAIT opposes any form of education privatization:

Privatization is a political strategy to eliminate from state budgets the cost of most or all of educating Texas children in the public schools.  Among the strategies to take money out of the public schools and transfer it to private or parochial entities are the following:  home schoolscharter schoolsvouchers for a designated population, such as economically disadvantaged students; “universal” vouchers available to any child of school age; virtual (or distance or online) learningeducation savings accounts (in other words, self-funded accounts to pay private school tuition for prek-12, not just college); and parent triggers (encouraging parents to take over a school, remove it from a school district, and run it themselves).

See this important report:  Out of Control:  The Cost of Outsourcing Public Services to For-Profit Corporations

TEXAS KIDS CAN’T WAIT supports the development of a more sane and reasonable assessment and accountability system.  It is evident that the current systems have been designed to undermine the credibility of public education so that public schools can be more easily privatized.  We encourage parents to opt their children out of the STAAR tests.


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