How You Can Help

1.  Help Us Organize

  • Join our online community at and tell everyone you know in Texas about us.  We need to grow fast and to grow big!
  • Tell your family, friends, acquaintances, colleagues, perfect strangers, and neighbors what you have learned about Texas school funding and about the $5.4 billion budget cuts.
  • Invite/bring people to Public Forums so that we reach as many people as possible.
  • Donate money or services to help pay for webpage maintenance expenses, meeting room rentals, phone calls, travel to other Texas cities, etc.
  • Donate time–come to meetings, help with event logistics, help organize events, etc.
  • Ask your church, school, club, organization, etc. to invite us to present our information about Texas school funding inequity/inadequacy and about budget cuts and threats of privatization.
  • Think of everyone you know in Texas and see if you can help get a group started in as many school districts as possible.

2.  Become Political

  • Register to vote, if you haven’t already.  And vote in every election for candidates who support our goals.
  • Get deputized so that you can register voters.
  • Talk, write, mail messages to elected officials.
  • Sign a petition in support of student equity, taxpayer equity, adequacy, and excellence for all.  And sign a petition against all privatization schemes.
  • Write letters or email to the editor of newspapers and other publications in support of our goals.
  • Attend school board, State Board of Education, and/or legislative hearings and report back to us about what you learned.
  • Help us network and coordinate with other like-minded organizations across the state.

3.  Become a Leader

  • Become a presenter for the Public Forums.
  • Give testimony on legislative hearings in Austin about education issues.
  • Help organize other Texas communities.
  • Get involved in campaigns, elections, and political party offices.
  • Write recruitment materials, handouts, blogs, sample letters to elected officials, sample letters to the editor, etc.
  • Coordinate lobbying efforts.

4.  Make Us Better, Smarter

  • Sign up for a Texas Kids Can’t Wait committee:
  • Political Strategy
  • Community education and presentation training
  • Research on school funding and other issues
  • Membership recruitment
  • Communication and social media
  • Finance and fundraising
  • Organization structure and logistics

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