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Money Still Matters: Investing in Texas Children and the Great State of Texas

Soon, very soon, the Equity Center will be publishing Money Still Matters:  Investing in Texas Children and the Great State of Texas, which I wrote for them.  I will post it on this website under “Research,” and the Equity Center will publish it on their site at .  I hope you will read it […]

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It’s Sad, Very Sad

Have you thought about how very sad it is that the State of Texas is using our taxpayer money to fight against the interests of the vast majority of TEXAS children who attend schools in districts that are inadequately and inequitably funded?  It’s very sad!  The State of Texas ought always to be on the […]

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Equity Center, Winter 2012 In-Depth Newsletter

Go to this link for the Equity Center’s excellent articles in their Winter 2012 In-Depth Newsletter on school funding issues:

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