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Come to this page to read research reports on issues of concern to the members and friends of Texas Kids Can’t Wait.

Ken Moerbe’s Letter to the Editor, Nov. 29, 2012

Ken Moerbe submitted the following letter to the editor on Nov. 29, 2012.  With his permission we are including it here as a blog.  Our thanks to Ken! “After reading the reports of Governor Rick Perry’s visit to Waco on Tuesday, November 27th, I felt compelled to write this letter. I believe that for some […]

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Michigan’s Plan to Dissolve School Districts

Diane Ravitch’s blog:

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Interview of Three New Legislators

Go to this link to see a short video by the Texas Tribune interviewing three newly elected representatives about education issues:

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Important Education Vote in Indiana

Diane Ravitch celebrates the ousting of a state superintendent determined to implement vouchers and other privatization schemes that would damage public schools.

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ALEC and the Privatization of Education

This blog not only includes some really good background information about the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), but it also includes a list of corporations and organizations who pay big money to support them–and who support the concept of privatization of public schools.  You may be surprised as to who is on the list!  See […]

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