Taxpayer Savings Grant Program

All of a sudden there seem to be a lot of activities and documents about a proposed Taxpayer Savings Grant Program, which is nothing more than a voucher proposal to privatize Texas public schools.  We have posted information on Facebook about it, along with links to key documents.  To find that information on our website, go to “Issues,” and then click on “Education Savings Plans.” Note that there is a great deal of misinformation in their propaganda.  There is absolutely no credible research that would serve as evidence that vouchers improve educational outcomes.  As Bruce Baker points out, changing the setting of the school is NOT a “treatment.”  Vouchers will serve to segregate students by race/ethnicity, gender, socio-economic class, religion, and even political persuasion.  Taxpayer money will be used for religious schools of all kinds, even those that refuse to teach science.  Also, there is no evidence that teachers would benefit at all.  In fact, for-profit schools will be allowed to hire non-certified teachers, to use technology to every possible extent in lieu of teachers, and to cut all kinds of corners in order to have a big profit, to pay their executives much more that even superintendents of large districts earn, and to pay dividends to their stockholders.  Our democracy is at stake here.  In the meantime, the 5 million children currently in Texas public schools are in danger from this reckless, dangerous proposed policy.

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