Thank God for Dr. Diane Ravitch

Probably no one in America has ever done more to shine light on the deliberate undermining of America’s public schools in order to privatize them than Dr. Diane Ravitch.  She has also pointed out all the fallacies in the excessive reliance on assessments for school accountability and educator evaluation.  She is as opposed to NCLB as ever anyone could be, and the only education “reform” she hates more is the current “Race to the Top,” signaling a system where there are winners and losers, although our children ought all to be winners.  She is a Republican, and she served as Under-Secretary for Education during the George H. W. Bush administration.

Today she did us a BIG favor.  She wrote a blog entitled “Why the Grassroots Will Win,” echoing the speech that Gov. Ratliff made to the Greater Waco Education Alliance Summit this past week.  In it she referred to a Texas group that is organizing to resist privatization, and when  you click on the link, there WE are!

As a result we got a bunch of new members today and more exposure will come out of that as people Tweet her message and Re-Tweet it.

You will want to read what she wrote, plus the comments underneath, including a couple from yours truly.  Go to this link:

You may also wish to read her latest book, which is for the lay public, as well as educators.  I’ve read it twice now, and I recommend it highly:  The Death and Life of the Great American School System:  How Testing and Choice Are Undermining Education.  Maybe Santa could bring it to you! (Bonnie Lesley)


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