Stop the Race to the Top

Two teachers have started a Facebook campaign entitled “Stop the Race to the Top.”  They are suggesting that we call the White House and communicate with them our objections to the components of that set of conditions for states to get waivers from NCLB requirements:  adoption of the Common Core Standards; increased emphasis on assessment since scores must be used to evaluate teachers in addition to current sanctions against students, administrators, and schools; remove the caps on charter schools; etc.  I made a personal decision to join them, and I will participate.  In addition to supporting them on these issues, I feel strongly that Arne Duncan should not be the Secretary of Education, and I have communicated that to the White House already on numerous occasions.

They have grouped the states into one group for each of the five business days each week.  Texas is supposed to call every Friday until we see a change in policy.  The number is 202-456-1111.

I encourage you to take a look at the Facebook page and to make a personal decision about whether you will participate.  If you have questions, I’ll be happy to respond.  Or ask just about any teacher you know.  Texas has not been a part of Race to the Top, but the new Commissioner is writing the Department of Education to request a waiver from NCLB.  He won’t get that waiver without agreeing to the conditions, and this Commissioner is very supportive of charter schools and vouchers.  Bonnie Lesley

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