Money Matters

Many people attending our public forums for Texas Kids Can’t Wait have requested a copy of the paper that I wrote in 2010 for the Equity Center, entitled “Money DOES Matter:  Investing in Texas Children and our Future.”  There are no more hard copies available.  I have, however, posted a link to the .pdf version that is also available via the Equity Center webpage.  You can find it easily here on our “Research” page.

And stay tuned.  Soon the Equity Center will publish the second paper, the one submitted as an exhibit in the school finance hearings going on currently, entitled Money STILL Matters:  Investing in Texas Children and the Great State of Texas.

These papers were written for legislators, school board members, and educators, but they were most importantly written for lay readers–for parents and all those others who need basic information about how the Texas school finance system is supposed to work, why it does not, and the five most important ways that school districts should spend their money, based on research findings.

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